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Born in Natal, South Africa, Ty became enamoured with the natural world from an early age. His enthusiasm for exploration, attention to detail and education in the sciences, ultimately led to a pursuit in photography where he is able to document the intricacies of the world that surrounds us.

His interest in photographing sailing grew from a passion for capturing minimalist and geometric forms, a style evident in his aerial photography work of ski fields, salt lakes and traces of Australia’s vast and varied coastline.
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Ty is motivated to present images that are both intriguing yet reside comfortably as perennial artworks in offices and homes throughout the world.

He holds the Associate designation with both the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP). In 2018, Ty won the International Photography Awards: Professional Winter Sports Category as well as the AIPP WA Commercial Photographer of the Year.
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His work has been exhibited in both Australia and Overseas, predominantly in the USA.
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Ty currently lives in Busselton, Western Australia with his amazing wife and three ‘spirited’ young children who are his inspiration, driving force and partners in exploration.